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Welcome to Equipe Research!

Equipe Research SARL is a company specialized in all areas of marketing. Established in 2009, it is directed by experienced managers in the field of marketing studies, and has offices in both Europe (France) and in Africa.

Our studies cover a wide area of themes and topics, ranging from economics to science. These studies are rigorously and professionally organized resulting in absolute transparency and valuable representative data.
The experienced members of the Equipe staff aim to guarantee highest standards and the reliability of the results expected from the studies. The involvement of our team throughout the various stages of a project, as well as our qualified and carefully selected research analysts allow us Equipe Research to ensure an excellent level of quality in the services we provide.
In addition to field work Equipe Research also offers full service to manage all aspects of your project
Our experts will take care of your study from the conception and development of the questionnaire up to the presentation of the results or reporting and adding local insights to your project with regard to all the details of the survey.